Thursday, October 28, 2010

The J's NT Results

The Results for both Janga and Jue are the same. 

T21 Down Syndrome 
Background Risk 1:51
With Scan ~ Adjusted Risk 1:254
With Blood & Scan ~ 1:1014

T18 (Edwards syndrome)
Background Risk 1:123
With Scan ~ Adjusted Risk 1:373
With Blood & Scan ~ 1:2463

T13 (Patau syndrome)
Background Risk 1:386
With Scan ~ Adjusted Risk 1:121
With Blood & Scan ~ 1:790

The reason for my concern is that there are 2 different schools of thought on the blood test results with twins. Normally the bloods are disregarded and only the scan is used. Without the bloods my risks are higher for T13 is 1:121 so that is a little worrying.

OB is not sure why my back groud risk of Downs is high for my age. It seems a little odd as there was no proof of downs last time so that shouldn't have come in to it.

He is sending me for my Morpholopy Scan in Brisbane at 19 weeks. So I have made an appointment for the 7th of December for my 2 hours scan. 

Freaking out a little with the T13 results, but no where near as freaked as I was last time. So now I am waiting again, bring on the 19 weeks scan.

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