Friday, October 22, 2010

Waiting, Worrying and Big Surprises

Well it's been awhile since I updated my blog, I really needed to know that everything was all right before updating my Blog. I am now 12 weeks pregnant and all is going well.

29th September 2010 
9 Weeks 2 Days

Well I went for my OB Anti-natal appointment. Midwife first, did all my paper work and explained how donor IVF worked etc. Little bit shocking that I have put on 4kg since the other week!!

Into OB (Dr Bush) where we chatted for a bit and then said lets do a scan! OK YAY! Didn't take long to find little Jenga, great heartbeat. Then he says 'oh look at this, that's interesting' Mum quickly said 'what is interesting we don't need any problems this time' OB says 'Oh there is just another baby that is all' Mum and I 'WHAT???!!!??? Jenga has a sibling in there!!!! 

Jenga and Jue are both ahead of schedule, both measuring at 9w4d with great heartbeats. Mum and I are both very much in shock at the moment 

OMG OMG!!! 2 for the Price of One!!! 

I only had one embryo put back - OMG

19th October 2010
12 Weeks 1 Day 

The day of my 12 weeks scan, for weeks I had been stressing about this day. All of the what if's, scary thoughts of everything that could be wrong. The lady who was doing the scan was running late and I had drunk 1 litre of water one and a half hours before hand so that the scan could be done. OMG I thought that I was going to burst. 

Finally it was turn, Mum and my Sister came in with me to share in what ever would happen. With in moments you could see 2 little heads 

WOW!!! Is all I could think, the OB was right there were 2 in there. Then it was on to measuring them both. The lower baby was first 'Jenga' who was busy moving around kicking and squirming. Great news 'Jenga' was a healthy size of 12 weeks 4 days and the little bit on the back of the neck - the NT was very very small, well with in the right and safe range and in the low risk group. With a great heart beat of 177 bmp. Phewwwww.......

Then it was on to the upper baby, 'Jue' who was playing a little hard to get. Great news again 'Jue' was also a healthy size also at 12 weeks 4 days with the NT well within the normal range and in the low risk group too. With a slightly lower heart rate of 169 bmp. Double Phewwww......... 

More good news, they are sharing a placenta but are both in their own sacks, which makes things a little easier. Now all I have to is wait for my OB appointment Wednesday for the official all clear and stats. 

Here are some more shots from the scan.
Jenga's Profile

Jue's Profile

All this worrying and stress has made me sick though, I am home sick with a Sinus Infection that doesn't seem to want to let up so have bitten the bullet and decided to take the Antibiotic. I am slowly coming off of the progesterone, I am now back down to two a day and I will be down to just one in a few days and will be off them totally within the week. 

I hope now that I can relax a little more and start enjoying this pregnancy.  

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